Challenging Art

Portrait de Claude Lessard

Going against the contemporary art movements with its pictorial nonconformism and peculiar approach... the work of Claude Lessard challenges art by breaking its rules.

Free of intention, its pictorial work constantly seeks to find the energy between the organic and cosmic world.

Somewhat anti-art, visionary and outsider, its spontaneous work finds its place on the dividing line between reality and fantasy, guided by an animist perspective. Lessard knocks over our traditional notions of art and encourages us, through his work, to explore our own conscience.

Seeking absolute, he interacts with the thinking substance through intuitive gestures directed only by the emotional tension of the vibrational moment.

Under the features of abstraction, unfolds the primary driven energy of the artist, presenting on each canvas an incarnate matrix of the liminal space of unconsciousness.

Many hybrids beings hereby emerge and freely appear, emanating from true spontaneity without intention or restraints. Intricate gestures give birth to many presences reminding us of chiaroscuro or exorcism.

His pictorial language arises from the vibrational tension between the subject and the object and through the construction/deconstruction process. He adds and removes coats of paint, applies them with his fingers or improvised palette knifes and smears them with intuitive, spontaneous and emotionally charged gestures.

He primarily uses recycled and natural materials, acrylic, oil or spray paint as well as minerals, crystals and copper. Every material conceals a memory, the trace of someone’s or something’s experience. The artist thus attempts to release the energy captive of the past by giving it a new, transformed life!

Using the alla prima technique, a sort of human DNA sometimes reveals itself within the painting as if Lessard was recycling a soul… and thereby taking a mystical tangent!

Jocelyne Bellemare

B.Sp.H.de l’art

Artistic Approach

I believe

the most powerful works of art are spontaneous and unexpected. Therefore, I am convinced that to really move forward, without any restraint, you must leave your cultural background behind and allow yourself to be guided by the creative process alone. Only then will the work of art emerge without influence.

In this sense and to completely disregard any instilled cultural references, I reject any influence, even mine… and let take over any visual crystallization that will appear suddenly through my actions which must absolutely not be predetermined! Consequently, this process has to be spontaneous, short-lived and free of preconceived ideas.

In concrete terms, this point of view pushes me to use industrial or natural materials, recycled for the most part, allowing me to be intuitively guided through my choices.

I randomly add stones, crystals, copper or some genetic backgrounds, in accordance with the vibrational nature of the painting which becomes the inherent demonstration of my journey... scattered with presences waiting to come to life!

Artistic File

Born in Montreal, Canada in 1957. Self-educated painter since 1973, but full-time since 2007, he finishes his Bachelor’s degree in environmental geology at UQAM in 1981. His belonging in the earth sciences instills into him a desire to scrutinize the world back to its roots. So guided and compelled by a pictorial language of his own, he is completely and utterly committed to painting.


Mixed media on canvas or lauan (panels of recycled wood and cinema decors), acrylic, oil or recycled industrial painting. Incorporated minerals, sand, crystals, copper, enamels and some human DNA at times.

  • 2016 - Galerie Gora, Montréal, solo
  • 2016 - Galerie LUZ au Belgo, Montréal, solo
  • 2013-15 - Création Pardeux inc., Longueuil, solo
  • 2013 - Rouyn-Noranda Copper Fair, sponsored by XSTRATA inc., eco-artistic collective
  • 2012 - Château Frontenac, Quebec, “Château allant vert 2 ”, eco-artistic collective Media coverage by Radio-Canada, Le Journal de Montréal, Québec Hebdo et TVA.
  • 2011 - Caisse Populaire du Mt-Royal, Montreal, solo
  • 2008-11 - JD International, Montreal, solo
  • 2011 - Far East in Montreal, collective
  • 2010 - Château Frontenac, Quebec, “ Château allant vert 1 ”, eco-artistic collective
  • 2009 - IStudio Cinéma, Montréal, solo
  • 2000 - St-Sauveur Art Festival, collective
  • 2009 - Galerie 135 Van Horne, Montreal, « FUSION VERTE » collective
  • 2007 - Galerie 135 Van Horne, Montreal, duo with Olivier Martineau
  • 2015 - Publication of a catalog of his paintings (available here)
  • 2008-2015 - President Cie UNISVERTL’ART
  • 2014 - Author of “They kidnapped Bob Décibel” volume 1, published by Les Éditions Unisvertl’art
  • 2012 - Co-producer of event “Château allant vert 2”, collective of more than 30 recognized artists in visual arts at the Château Frontenac, Quebec
  • 2012 - Co-producer and co-editor of the book of Giles Vigneault “Conte du Château de Bic” as well as co-producer of the launch of the book at the Château Frontenac, Quebec
  • 2010 - Co-producer of event “Château allant vert 1”, collective of more than 11 recognized artists in visual arts, at the Château Frontenac, Quebec
  • A large number of his paintings appears in several corporate and private collections.

Available upon request...

7/99 Gilles Vigneault’s book written on pages of copper from the Château Frontenac’s roofing.

Download 2015 Catalogue in PDF (149mb)

Download CV in PDF

Download the "On a enlevé Bob Decibel" eBook


Fusion of 2 artists, Jocelyne Bellemare and Claude Lessard, BELLSARD explores the manifestations of the unconscious, the borders of the abstract and figurative.

Artistic Approach

It is through the abstract pictorial universe, exploded and intuitive of Lessard, that Bellemare is inspired and comes with oil glaze and pastels , to root out and reveal concretely embryonic traits underpinned . This abstract / figurative transmutation , alchemical research between mind and matter, make born a clarified vision , defining the intention and leaving however room for the viewer's imagination. The paintings thus transformed , reveal animal forms , human or hybrid complicit in a universe of cosmic or mythological resonances. Bellsard is a journey into the unknown, always renewed. Their approach stands out for the interest of mystery and secrets of the synergistic human soul!